Membership has its perks.

To our members, the Duquesne Club is more than simply a place to relax or conduct business. It’s a community.

The Club is a place to meet colleagues and friends. It’s a place to interact with like-minded people who push the boundaries of what it means to be a leader in today’s society.

We offer the height of refined living and grand celebration in our exceptional à la carte and private dining rooms, bars and wine cellar. We tempt with leading-edge sustainability, local sourcing and urban apiculture. We invigorate with a world-class Health & Fitness environment. We connect with member events and unique, collegial rooms. We facilitate business with well-equipped meeting and conference spaces. We provide luxury and comfort in beautifully appointed hotel rooms and suites. And we inspire with dynamic societies in wine, beer, art, sport, culinary and literary pursuits.

The Club has evolved over the years because at its core, it has always strived to be what its members want it to be. In today’s era, that means an exceptional experience grounded in tradition and versatility.


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